Cooking With Legacy

Cooking has always been a life long passion. I was introduced to the art of cooking by my mother. She was a renowned executive chef, but long before that, her skills were molded in the humble lands of Okinawa.

Although Okinawa is considered to be an Island of Japan, their cooking styles are very different. Due to its location as a popular trading hub, Okinawa recipes bear influence from South East Asia and China. This influence on my mothers food expertise influences our families cooking style to this day!

Born in Okinawa but raised here in the United States, our blog presents recipes from all over the world. No matter your taste preference, we have a dish for you!

A Blog Over 10 Years In The Making

What started out as a few facebook posts has now grown into Woman And the Whisk. Here we share all of our new and original recipes and even cuisine from our favorite restaurants.

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