Fried Flat Bread


3 cups All Purpose Flour, sifted

APF for dusting

1 cup warm milk

1 cup warm water

1 tbsp active yeast

1 tbsp sugar

3 tbsp olive oil+ greasing

1 tsp salt

vegetable oil for frying 

Cooking Tools

2 large mixing bowls

Plastic wrap

Flour sifter

Rolling Pin

Cast iron Pan

In one mixing bowl sift together flour and salt. In another mixing bowl add; warm milk, warm water, sugar and yeast and mix. Cover with plastic wrap and place somewhere warm for 15 minutes to activate the yeast. Once yeast is activated, mix in flour and oil to the active yeast and mix to form into ball. Knead dough for about 5 minutes, you can add more flour if its too wet or sticky. Make a large ball and and drizzle with a little oil on top of dough ball.  Cover with plastic and allow to rise in a warm location.  Once risen, punch down and remove from bowl.  Place on lightly floured surface. Cut into eight pieces and roll into balls. Use a rolling pin to roll out your flat bread. Heat cast iron pan with a 1/4 inch of oil on low heat. Fry each flatbread one at a time for 2 to 3 minutes on each side, drain excess oil on paper towels.
Yields 8  

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