Turkey & Brie Puff Pastry

A Quick And Tasty Lunch!
Difficulty: Easy
Prep Time: 20 minutes
Cooking Time: 25 minutes

1 box puff pastry sheets, thawed in refrigerator
3/4 lb. deli turkey, sliced thin
1 round Brie cheese, sliced
Dijon mustard
1 egg, whisked

Cooking Tools
Parchment lined sheet pan
Small mixing bowl
Pastry brush

Preheat oven to 400 Degrees F.  Unwrap and unfold puff pastry.  Cut along the seams in the puff pastry dough ( you will have 6 long strips total)  Spread mayonnaise and mustard on half of the pastry sheet leaving 1/4 of inch from the edge. Lay turkey and Brie on top of the mustard and mayonnaise. Place a small amount of water, apply with finger around the perimeter of the pastry dough.  Fold over the other side to cover the filling and press down the edges to encase the ingredients in the pastry.  Use fork prongs to create a seal and a decorative edge. With a sharp knife, cut 2-3 slit in the center of the pastry.  In a mixing bowl, whisk egg.  Using a pastry brush, brush some egg onto the the top of each pastry (repeat process with the other strips) and place each bundle on a sheet pan and bake in oven for approximately 25 minutes or until puffed and golden.
Yields 6

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